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About Us

Public Policy Squared, a small government relations firm, provides services covering the full spectrum of public policy — combining a proficiency in government relations, policy analysis, and strategic planning with sound policy analysis and development.

Whether you are part of a public corporation, a non-profit organization, a small business, or a government entity; public policies and the government decision-making process pose both, threats and opportunities, to your organization. Pending legislative or regulatory issues can threaten your future. One wrong public policy proposal can impact your bottom line causing stakeholders to demand action. 

Protecting your needs and interests in the public arena requires sound, strategic advice. Public Policy Squared, LLC brings the experience and deep knowledge needed throughout the legislative process and provides innovative business solutions.

Public Policy and Government Relations
Public Policy Squared, LLC has direct knowledge with an insight into the White House, U.S. Congress, executive branch departments and agencies, and regulatory agencies. We are a bipartisan small business that has contacts within the local, state and the federal government. We can leverage our extensive relationships and our know-how to help you achieve your strategic objectives.

We are known for devising and advocating practical and politically viable solutions to complex issues. On certain matters, our political strategy calls for a limited and carefully calculated approach; on other matters, we establish broad-based coalitions with other organizations that have similar goals and objectives as your business.

In regards to government relations, we have an in-depth understanding of the statutory and regulatory framework in which issues arise. Whether you need active legislation passed or stopped, or administrative rules written or changed, our front-line position can help you reach your goals and strategic objectives.

Ethics and Compliance

Shaping government policies and decisions at all levels are required in today’s business environment to ensure your company remains successful in this capitalist market. Regular interactions with government officials are vital for any business – big or small. You need an advisor who can steer you knowledgeably through these intricate regulations to give you the confidence to vigorously engage in the policy debates that shape your business.

We can ensure that your company’s political activities are managed to accomplish your company’s goals while maintaining the highest ethical standards. We have the bipartisan, hands-on experience required to help you succeed in today’s political and business environments.

Having a sound strategy in place can have a make-or-break effect on your strategic goals and objectives. Consider these questions to determine whether your current strategy meets all of your needs:

• Are the correct federal and state policies in place to allow your industry to meet the challenges of today’s economy?
• Do your public policy plans support your strategic goals and objectives?
• Does your corporate leadership know what to do if a crisis arises within your company?
• Are your stakeholders and donors pleased with the progress you have made?

When it comes to finding the answers, we have the experience you need — for all of your business issues.

With over 25 years experience, Public Policy Squared, LLC focuses on the constantly evolving demands facing its clients and their respective industries. Public Policy Squared, LLC approaches client services by first understanding its clients’ priorities, objectives, strategic goals, and stakeholders.

Public Policy Squared, LLC works hard to understand its clients’ issues and forge long-term relationships with them to help achieve successful outcomes and solve their policy issues through practical business advice and sound policy insight.

Our clients view us as trusted policy and business advisors because we understand that a great policy is only valuable if it is relevant, practical and beneficial to our clients’ strategic goals and objectives.